Web Design

Trust Our Experience

Digital MindScapes (DMS) combines two decades + of website design experience in developing more than 3,500 websites in the United States and in other countries. From new start-up launches to complete redesigns, DMS web development services will bring value to your business or your personal profile, delivering a lasting professional impression to new visitors, current customers, clients and patients.

All DMS website designs are fully-responsive in both custom and theme-based designs.


We are the exclusive custom design source for Dr. Leonardo®, the leading Internet Presence Management platform for healthcare. DMS customizes and personalizes Dr. Leonardo websites for all types of healthcare specialties and disciplines:

  1. Dental
  2. Medical
  3. Physical Medicine
  4. Pharmacies
  5. Veterinary Medicine / Animal Health

In addition, DMS also develops custom healthcare websites using the WordPress development platform.

Other Verticals

Digital MindScapes can develop a custom website for almost any business. We delve into the details of your industry, exactly what your business is about, your brand, and how you compete with similar businesses – locally and beyond. Our clients include:

  1. Hotel Accommodation Logistics (International)
  2. Authors & Voice Talent
  3. Financial Services
  4. Insurance Services
  5. Architectural Services
  6. Commercial and Residential Construction
  7. Marine Construction