Design Services

Digital MindScapes is a talented team of graphic designers, content writers and digital marketing specialists.

We create customized, modern websites that take into account each client’s industry, products, goals, preferences and more. In addition, we also offer logo and print design services for clients seeking professional and memorable identity materials.

An effective logo establishes a brand image to be used throughout your company’s marketing materials. We can develop a distinguished logo that is customized to fit your company, as well as brochures, advertisements, postcards, posters and more.

>> Print Design

In addition to website design, we also offer print design services to provide your company with a complete marketing package. Our print design services include business cards, letterhead, brochures, magazine/newspaper ads, postcards, posters and other printed materials. Many of our clients choose to feature a logo created by Digital MindScapes on their print materials, taking advantage of our logo development services.

>> Logos & Branding

A distinct, memorable logo is essential to establishing your company and helping you stand out among the competition. Branding and brand management should be considered throughout all of your marketing materials so that customers and visitors can instantly recognize your company’s values and credibility.A logo created by Digital MindScapes is custom-designed after a consultation with one of our graphic designers to fully understand the scope of your company and the message you wish to convey. Our logo designs are fresh, unique and will help you stand out from the rest.

>> Video Editing

While static images and text are strong tools to inform viewers about your company and the services you provide, videos are being used more and more often to capture a viewer’s attention and effectively deliver an interactive message to your prospective and current customers.We have the capabilities to produce and edit videos for specific use on your company website. These videos can be filmed in your office, using your staff, or with professional actors who can convey the message of your practice. In addition to creating video, we also have the experience and equipment necessary to edit your videos and optimize them for the web.